Working on set is fast paced and full on yet being able to be a part of a film that will have an emotional reaction from the audience is what makes it worth it to me. creating looks alongside other creatives in order to explore and show a character’s inner emotions and turmoil is so rewarding as once the film is on screen you are able to sit back and enjoy your creation and watch as others do as well. I thrive in this environment and wish to explore any opportunities I can.


Having the privilege to work on a photoshoot or catwalk is amazing, it is a fast paced and ever-changing environment which pushes you to be better and do better.
Being able to keep up with the current trends is always important, yet also being a part of making new trends and seeing them while walking on the street is rewarding.

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Once leaving high school I went directly to college where I received an HND (higher national diploma) in Makeup and hair for fashion. This course gave me a broad range of knowledge in areas such as bridal makeup, SFX and creating characters. During this time, I was also working part time and my days where long, yet I always found time for my studies. From this I have gone onto university (Solent) to study Makeup and hair design. The course has been intense and hard yet also been so wonderful and has grown both my skills and confidence.

Throughout my experience I have been able to find out what I love to do, one being film and the other beauty. Being able to see the impact that my work can have on a film is amazing, i am able to research the character myself, find out what makes them tick, why they act, dress and treat others the way they do and translate that into makeup. Seeing this process and the final film gives me such joy and satisfaction knowing that I contributed to a huge production in such an intricate way. 

The reason I love beauty and fashion is being able to keep up with current trends and being able to have an influence over the trends for seasons to come. working on photoshoots is wonderful, being able to be a part of such a creative team all pulling different techniques, styles and ideas together in order to create beautiful and intriguing images.



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